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Gold To Shine Again As Global Growth Thaws Commodities  7/15/2013 Don’t let depressed commodity prices fool you. They won’t stay depressed too long. The single most important global economic reality remains resource scarcity. At last, I see short-term commodity price depressants starting to dissipate. Very shortly, the overwhelming consensus against commodities will start to shift, possibly as early as yearend. Then the long-term upward climb of commodities will resume. Commodities slid mainly due to Europe’s fixation on austerity. They began to fall in 2011 at about the time the European Union started to falter. The euro zone hasn’t posted a single quarter of GDP growth since mid-2011. Overall regional unemployment stands well into the double digits, while auto sales hit generational lows. Even Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse, is barely growing. Weaker economies, including Spain and Greece, sit mired in full-fledged depressions. As Europe represents the largest economic entity in this…

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