Intonu works together with other recycling dealers located throughout the Southeast. We provide a convenient outlet for all of your recyclables, whether it is a straight load of a single commodity, or a mixed load with several commodities. Our staff will provide exceptional service, competitive pricing, and prompt payment for all of our recycling partners.

For recyclers looking to sell mixed loads of various commodities such as metals, plastics, and electronics, our Atlanta facility provides a convenient location to receive these shipments. We can provide the transportation or simply accept deliveries at your convenience. We are happy to purchase and receive 5,000 lbs of mixed material on a small trailer, or 45,000 lbs in a full van trailer.

For straight loads of a single commodity, our brokerage staff has the flexibility of offering prices delivered directly to a domestic end consumer, an export market, or into our Atlanta facility. We can offer FOB picked up prices, FOB delivered prices, or FAS export ramp prices. Our staff is constantly monitoring domestic and foreign markets, ensuring that our pricing is the extremely competitive.