15 July 2013

Analyst Say Commodities are Bound to Rise

15 July 2013,

Gold To Shine Again As Global Growth Thaws Commodities  7/15/2013 Don’t let depressed commodity prices fool you. They won’t stay depressed too long. The […]

1 July 2013

30-day Copper Slump Ended

1 July 2013,

Base Metal Prices Roundup: US Copper Prices, LME Aluminum Up June 27, 2013 Copper Price Trends The price of US copper producer grade 110 […]

21 June 2013

New lighter aluminum alloys to make a splash in aerospace

21 June 2013,

Jun. 20 2013, 2:27 PM EDT Aluminum makers fight plastic planes with new alloys Metal is staging a comeback, at least in the aerospace […]

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