Electronic recyclables include a broad category, primarily consisting of discarded electronic equipment or electrical devices. As technology rapidly evolves, many electronics become outdated, and therefore obsolete. When this equipment has been deemed obsolete, the most environmentally friendly way of discarding this material is to have it recycled.

At Intonu, we are able to accept and recycle most forms of electronic equipment and devices. We offer electronic recycling services for businesses, corporations, government municipalities, and individual households. Whether it is an old PC computer from your home, or a corporate clean-up of IT equipment, or new production circuit board scrap, we are set-up to handle electronic recyclables at Intonu.

Common Electronic Materials accepted:

Whole Equipment
PC Computers
Satellite Antennas
Cable Boxes
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Cell Phones
Intact LCD/Plasma Screens
House/Office Phones
Electric Meters
Electrical Components
Circuit Boards
Power Supplies
AC/DC Adaptors
CD Rom Drives
Floppy Drives
Heat Sinks
Hard Drives
Computer Fans
Docking Stations
Connector Ends